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SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD

Multi-level modeling for design and optimization of fluidized bed processes - particle-fluid flow with chemical reaction

Tildelt: kr 10,5 mill.

Although significant progress has been achieved in the development of models for particle-fluid flow and the understanding of physical phenomena on the single- particle level, it has not been fully utilized in the modeling and simulation of unit operation s. The ultimate goal would be a rigorous model of the whole system i.e. CFD with implemented models for mass and heat transfer and chemical reaction within the particle for the whole reactor. However such a model necessarily implies a high numerical compl exity and still somewhat restricted applicability. Therefore it is suggested to study the cross-effects on smaller systems and to develop a simpler model but based on well-understood underlying phenomena and well-founded parameters in the first stage. T ask A. Flow analysis - CFD for fluidized systems: Further develop 3D Lagrangian-Eulerian particle-fluid CFD code, investigate the influence of particle model parameters and force models on the flow regime, and investigate flow structure in the fluid-solid systems under various operating conditions Task B. Analysis of phenomena on particle scale - kinetics: Develop models for internal and external mass-and heat transfer as well as chemical reaction and particle shape dynamics, and implement single-particl e models, and perform parameter studies. Task C. Analysis of cross effects - CFD flow with particle phenomena on small systems: Implement particle models in the Lagrangian-Eulerian particle-fluid CFD code, investigate particle functionality under various flow conditions, and analyze and develop procedures identifying the driving mechanism and evaluating the governing parameters for a fluidized-bed model. Task D. Analysis of fluidized bed unit performance: Review existing models/commercial software, util ize the understanding and apply the knowledge on fundamental phenomena, evelop/modify a fluidized-bed model based on simplified flow, mass and heat transfer and chemical reaction models, perform case study.


SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD