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SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD

Development of a novel reactor system for mineral-leaching with CO2

Tildelt: kr 7,5 mill.

Mineral-leaching with CO2-acidified water represents an interesting alternative to conventional leaching techniques based on mineral acids. Previous research at IFE has shown the potential of using CO2 both as leachant and as chemical for downstream proce ssing to commercial products. In view of the international focus on carbon capture and storage, a CO2-based leaching process offers advantages with respect to new products and mitigation of waste problems in the mineral industry and possibility of CO2 sto rage as opposed to conventional processes. So far, research on CO2-based leaching has been mostly conducted in small autoclaves to study reaction kinetics for different mineral types. For commercial utilization of this technology, however, a continuous or semi-continuous process will be required. The objective of this study is thus to develop a reactor concept for application in industrial processes. Design of a pressurized reactor system that allows for continuous operation and provides adequate reaction conditions represents a significant challenge. A step-wise approach will be used to finalize the reactor design. The result of the project will be a small demonstration unit for CO2-based mineral leaching.


SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD