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SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD

Optimization and environmental improvement of CO2-capture processes

Tildelt: kr 4,1 mill.

It is now a well established fact that in order to mitigate unwanted environmental effects of CO2 emissions the capture and storage of CO2 is one method promising significant cuts. The continuing growth of world demand for fossil fuels, will only increase the need for CO2 capture and storage technology. Capture technologies are in place, which can be applied to exhaust gases from both power generation plants and industry in general. Post-combustion scrubbing by use of amine solvents is one such technology ; other technologies are pre-combustion and oxyfuel. A large number of capture plants are needed world-wide, it is imperative that the cost and energy use in such plants are significantly reduced. Innovative solutions for utilizing existing process equipm ent, can lead to a reduction in energy consumption and simplify overall design of post-combustion capture plants. A negative aspect of CO2 capture technology is that amine reclaiming process gives a potentially large annual amount of hazardous waste which will need treatment. We will build on existing competence and seek to improve performance of in particular post-combustion technology, thereby also improving our knowledge base and strengthen our industrial foundation as well as the scientific one. Thr ee main activities will be the focus: 1.Monitoring of technology development within CO2 capture. We will build our competence and also support the two other activities. It is an aim of this work to use the platform created to propose research projects t hat target a significant improvement of the technologies investigated. 2.Environmental impacts of CO2 capture technologies. CO2 capture will play an important role in mitigating global environmental climate change, but the technologies to be used will or may give rise to more local environmental impacts that will need to be solved. 3.Simulation and optimization. Mathematical modelling of both process and process equipment in CO2 capture technology.


SIP-NHD-Strategiske instituttprogram finansiert av NHD