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MAROFF-Maritim virksomhet og offshore operasjoner

Sail systems as secondary means of propulsion onboard ocean going vessels

Tildelt: kr 0,50 mill.




2008 - 2008


The project is a joint initiative between Marintek, CFDnorway, PGS Geophysical and Wilh. Wilhelmsen, aiming at developing general competence and understanding of possibilities and challenges in design and operation of sail systems to be used as secondary means of propulsion for oceangoing vessels. By combining traditional machinery with a state of the art sail system, a saving of emissions and fuel in the range of 10% shall be achieved. The project shall, through design, calculations, simulation and pra ctical model tests, investigate wind propulsion in combination with other propulison as a supporting tool to - Increase bollard pull (decrease need for engine power) - Improve course stability - Increase maneouverability at sea and in harbours - Improve seekeeping and comfort onboard In order to link the general competence to a specific ship, the project target installation and demonstrator shall be a PGS seismic vessel. With a low towing speed and an overall very good stability, this vesse l will be ideal for the purpose. The demonstrator of wind propulsion will be the Wigsail system, developed by Shaditec plc. of UK.


MAROFF-Maritim virksomhet og offshore operasjoner

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