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P-KVINN-Program for kvinne- og kjønnsf

Kunst og utenrikspolitikk. Fyrstehuset Savoy og kunst som politikk Art and foreign policy: The House of Savoy and art as politics

Tildelt: kr 2,5 mill.

The project "Art and foreign policy: The House of Savoy and art as politics" examines Duchess Marie Christine of Savoy's use of art within the public sphere of foreign policy. The project will investigate this aspect in particular in connection with the m arriage contracted in 1650 between Marie Christine's daughter, Enrichetta Adelaida, and Prince Elector Ferdinand Maria of Bavaria. This marriage signalled a new political course for the duchy and both a carousel and a ballet were given in honour of the ne wlyweds. Illuminated manuscripts by Tommaso Borgonio record these festivals. Gift exchange between the two ducal houses is documented as well as the sending of art and artists to Munich after the marriage had taken place. The project aims to study if and how Marie Christine used art to emphasise or convey political messages to representatives of foreign states. Interpretation of various types of source material will form the basis of this analysis. Works of art, descriptions of works of art, and descripti ons of the contexts in which the art works appeared must be considered in relation to Marie Christine's policy. The understanding of whom the works of art were meant to influence is highly relevant to the project. It is significant to consider how the u se of art in the public sphere may have been influenced by Marie Christine's position as female ruler. An analysis of women's use of art in the public sphere must take into account the shifting understanding of the private/public dichotomy. The study of M arie Christine is of exceptional interest considering her 'masculine' position as ruler and 'feminine' position as dowager duchess. Despite the private/public dichotomy's central position within feminist research early modern female patrons have barely be en studied in light of this dichotomy. It is therefore significant to contribute to this field and Marie Christine is a particularly interesting case in this respect.


P-KVINN-Program for kvinne- og kjønnsf