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FME-Forskningssentre for miljøvenn

Next-generation Technology for Efficient Use of Energy

Tildelt: kr 0,20 mill.

The main content of the project will cover development of novel technologies within heat pumping, waste-heat utilization, and thermal processing. NextGenEnergyUse will be split in 5 sub-projects (SP). SP1; MANAGEMENT AND CO-ORDINATION The main responsibi lity for SP 1 will be management of the project and have operative responsibility for the organizational and technical efficiency of the project. SP2; INNOVATIVE HEAT PUMPING TECHNOLOGY SP 2 will enhance development of technology needed for efficient an d environmentally benign CO2 heat pumps and refrigeration systems. Space conditioning in commercial buildings will be investigated as well as future industrial requirements covering improved energy efficiency, utilisation of heat pumping for heating purpo ses, use of natural refrigerant CO2, concepts for superfreeze and super-chilling. SP3; ADVANCED HEAT AND FLUID FLOW CONCEPTS The planned work of SP3 is related to thermal processing and will cover development of new process technology, optimized control and energy efficient systems for the processing industry, resulting in less waste, reduced power demand and lower energy consumption. Development of demand-control technology for ventilation systems, and implementation of multi-variable sensor technology will also be a focus. SP 4; NEW TECHNOLOGY FOR EXPLOITATION OF WASTE HEAT In Sub Project 4 the research focus will be on development of technology and solutions for cost effective production of electricity from heat sources with temperatures below 200º. Emphasis will be put on CO2 cycles in order to utilise the built up experience in developing CO2 refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. Availability and utilisation waste heat sources will also be investigated. SP5; DISSEMINATION Sub proj ect 5 will ensure that the generic results and results from topical activities in NextGen EnergyUse are actively disseminated within the consortium of project partners and to the public.


FME-Forskningssentre for miljøvenn