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National Graduate School in Educational Research (NATED)

Tildelt: kr 24,0 mill.


NATED project summary: The National Evaluation of Educational Research points to a number of challenges for educational research. The first challenge is to build stronger research groups and units that can have an impact internationally. The second is to build a research culture that effectively communicates scientific standards. Moving from an individualistic culture to stronger research groups and units will be an important step in increasing the quantity and quality of international publications. The c reation of a National Graduate School for Educational Research aims at addressing these weaknesses. The scope of the national research school is to offer high quality PhD education and courses of international standard in the philosophy of science, rese arch ethics, and research methods. We also intend to develop high quality doctoral education in four thematic fields central to educational knowledge. We have chosen four thematic tracks in the research school. These tracks are selected based on the fol lowing criteria: societal relevance, involvement of leading international researchers, a critical mass of doctoral students, a clear synergy between at least two or three of the participating institutions, and relevance for teacher education. The themat ic tracks are: 1. Language development, text comprehension and literacy 2. Learning and teaching in and out of schools 3. Educational leadership, school reform and education governance 4. Higher education and professional learning The steering and le adership is based on a two level structure, with a scientific board that includes representatives from all partners, and a scientific and educational committee that organizes and manages the activities.