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FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

Socioeconomic Consequences of Climate Change in Sub-equatorial Africa

Tildelt: kr 7,9 mill.

In Africa climate change will lead to a warming which is likely to be larger than the global average. Precipitation will change; most noticeably with drying in the southern and in the northern parts of the continent and increased precipitation over the Et hiopian Plateau. Less attention has been paid to climate change over the African regions south compared to north of the equator. Climate change is likely to have large impacts in Sub-equatorial Africa in many sectors since the projected climate changes ar e large and the vulnerability is increased due to other development challenges. Agriculture is a key economic sector in this region that could be significantly affected through changes in water resources caused by climate change, with widespread socioecon omic consequences. SoCoCA will improve and spatially refine the projections of climate change themselves within the region and concurrently in water resources and agricultural production. Finally socioeconomic consequences of changed water balance and agr iculture will be studied. SoCoCA combines natural and social sciences in an interdisciplinary manner. We will have to limit our scope considerably and have chosen to focus on socioeconomic changes in relation to agriculture in Sub-equatorial Africa, contr olling the food production in the region. Our approach can be extended to include other sectors, such as hydropower energy production and forestry, and lay the ground for studies of health issues related to climate change. SoCoCA builds heavily on already existing networks and experience in work in the Southern Africa. First, the SoCoCA host institute at UiO already coordinates a network project on management of water resources in Southern Africa. SoCoCA will benefit strongly from this project by making u se of scientific network, modelling tools and datasets. Second, it includes the international research centre ICTP which is specialised in regional climate change in developing countries including Africa.


FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam