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Political-institutional change in China, the EU, India and USA and their consequences for Norwegian primary industry policies

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The project is designed as a comparative case study. It should be noted, however, that the selection of cases is based on neither the "most similar", nor the "most different" strategy for case studies. China, India, the EU and USA are selected, not merely as cases, but because they are some of the most important actors in international trade and trade negotiations. Consequently, our study will take a closer look at particularities that may explain the interests and strategies of each country/EU than would have been the case in an ordinary comparative study. The case of Norway has a particular status due to the fact that we will analyse the interests and strategies of other countries/EU in relation to possible consequences for Norwegian primary industries (as requested by the AREA programme). Major analytical dimensions are: a) Domestic politics (including EU internal politics): Structural characteristics of the national economy and primary industry system. Executive-legislative relations and the role of organised interests. Factors which account for the particular national position of primary industries. Government policy framework for primary industries. b) International trade negotiations and agreements: The link between national developments and inter national processes. The use of bilateral and regional trade negotiations and agreements as supplements or alternatives to WTO. In the case of a new WTO agreement, adaptations in the phase of implementation, emerging issues and new developments. c) Consequ ences for Norwegian interests: What are the consequences of different paths of development in China, EU, India and USA for Norwegian primary industries? What are the implications for Norway in case of a) a new WTO agreement, or b) no new agreement? What a re the consequences of other countries? trade policies and bilateral and regional trade agreements for Norwegian trade policy?