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Effects of fish oil in functional food, capsules or fish on the N-3 in blood lipid and markers of oxidative stress in mice and humans

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2009 - 2014

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This project link nutrition research and medical research with food science and technology through the use of functional food, fish oils and fish (food). Currently there is a huge focus on supplements and functional foods, particularly products which are enriched with marine n-3 fatty acids. So far there are limited data comparing the effects of the marine n-3 fatty acids from functional foods and fish (food) intake. Moreover, there is scarce information regarding the potential impact of oxidative stress resulting from intake of various sources of marine n-3 supplements with varying quality and the potential negative impact on health. The latter is of great importance for the consumer, food and nutrition authorities and the industry. Therefore this projec t will address these issues and provide novel documentation important for several stake holders. Our project will add scientific documentation on positive and negative effects which may be used partly as a basis for risk assessments of food and functional foods to which bioactive components have been added. Moreover, this project focus on the effects of bioactive additives in individual foodstuffs when viewed in relation to the overall diet by comparing marine n-3 enriched juice with fish intake.