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NANOMAT-Nanoteknologi og nye materialer

FASTNMR - Solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy for Material Science

Tildelt: kr 4,8 mill.

Solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (SS-NMR), applied to solid materials, has now become one of a number of key characterization techniques that are essential and indispensable to both engineers and scientists working within the area of ma terials and chemistry. SINTEF and UiO have been for the last few years coordinating means of investing in a modern SS-NMR instrument to provide state of the art research facilities for Norwegian research within materials science. The strategy is to build on the current core expertise in the use of SS-NMR at SINTEF and UiO in the investment in a new 500 MHz wide-bore instrument before the existing outdated instrumentation finally cease operation.. This new platform (FASTNMR) will combine SINTEF's longst anding expertise of providing NMR services to national and international research activities during the last 18 years with the expansion of an academic programme coordinated with UiO focused on raising the expertise and understanding of NMR as a valuable characterization tool aimed in particular towards supporting research within nano sciences, gas conversion, catalysis, hydrogen technology, CO2 capture Within this platform two areas of expertise have been selected will be developed, linked to specific n eeds within the investigation and application of nanostructured materials: - In-situ NMR - NMR Crystallography This platform will facilitate research on materials


NANOMAT-Nanoteknologi og nye materialer