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Socially Robust Nanotechnolocy in Latin-America: Ethics and Governance from a "Southern" Perspective

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This project will build upon an established collaboration between the Univ of Bergen and the Univ Nacional Autónoma de México. We will perform research at the interface between ethics and social science (so-called ELSA research, ethical, legal and social aspects of technology) to study the introduction of nanotechnology into Latin-America. This is important in its own right, but will also shed light upon the poorly understood concept of the "nano-divide" between the North and South, almost invariably refe rred to in European ethics research on nanotechnology. Hence, we expect utilities of the research in both directions: From North to South, there may be important lessons on how to institutionalise sustainable and socially robust governance of technology. From South to North, there may be important intellectual contributions to export, as Latin-American academics and societies have their own debates on these issues.




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