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Building capacity to meet the challenges of multi-level democracy: the case of conserving species with transboundary populations: EXTRA 2009

Tildelt: kr 0,20 mill.

If we are successful with this application for extra funding we shall organise a 4 week long, intensive, data analysis and publication writing session where project partners from the main study area are brought to Norway and work together intensively to c omplete the data analysis and publication of project results. This will allow the involvement of more colleagues at NINA, it will expose our Balkan partners to a Norwegian research institution and Norwegian culture, and will allow a more complete integrat ion between different parts of the project as well as partners from different countries. Many interesting cross-country and cross-disciplinary aspects have come to light during the project - and having such an intensive period would be the optimal way to get the most out of the work and funding that has been invested. It is important to note that many of the local partners in this project are relatively young researchers with little experience of international publication and modern statistical methods. T he workshop would involve from 6-9 of our colleagues from the Balkans and 2-4 researchers from NINA. We wil also invite 1-2 international researchers that are involved in the project if they can find their own funding to attend. In advance of the workshop there would be a need to prepare materials.