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ELSA-Etiske,rettslige og samf.m. as

NANOETHOS - Novel challenges for ELSA studies

Tildelt: kr 0,38 mill.

A keyword in the proposed project is the ethos of science. We take the starting point that ethos of science is a necessary prerequisite for social robust development and application of nanotechnology. As reflected in many recent discussions on the issue o f how the ELSA of nanotechnology should be done, a main challenge in this context relates to the question of how to instigate a more morally accountable developmental process. We propose that one way to meet this challenge is to investigate how vital insi ghts of STS tradition may be taken into account in order to better understand, and morally assess, aspects of nanotechnology development. The proposed project aims to focus on deliberation on the ethos of a scientific project, using nanoparticles for del ivery of vaccines as our case study. Our staring point will be to explore in what sense two different approaches; a) Good technology by engaging the public, and b) Good technology by engaging scientists, can serve as ways to disclose the ethos of techn ological projects clarifying the applicability of the two different approaches to extraordinary situations as well as to less controversial ones. The project will be carried out at the Department of Philosophy, Program of Applied Ethics, NTNU Trondheim, and at Genøk- Centre of Biosafety in close co-operation with partners in the NFR funded project Nanotrust.


ELSA-Etiske,rettslige og samf.m. as