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KULVER-Kulturell verdsetting

Forhandlinger og strid. Kjønn og verdsetting i kunst, estetikk og kulturell offentlighet

Tildelt: kr 5,0 mill.

Conflicts and negotiations: gender and value in art and aesthetics/ is an interdisciplinary research project that investigates gender implications in negotiations of aesthetic value in the fields of art. It focuses on the interaction of works of art, art institutions and aesthetic theory. The basic questions are: How are works of art ascribed aesthetic value and what are the implications of gender in the ascription process? The study sets out by a study of art in late modern society, marked by transgressi ons of both gender and aesthetic boundaries, still with overwhelmingly traditionally gendered stereotypes as to aesthetic value. The nature of these paradoxes is investigated by historical case studies as well as by an investigation of gender implication in the theoretical aesthetic premises. Consequently the project also focuses on the naturalised gender implications in aesthetic research itself. Theoretically and methodologically the project relies on theories of discourse analysis, and the aim is to se ize the complex interaction processes of gender negotiations and value negotiations within the fields of art and art research. The originality of the project lies in its interdisciplinary scope of study, as well as in the integration of different media, h igh and low culture, art, institution of art and aesthetic theory.

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KULVER-Kulturell verdsetting