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Latin works of Ludvig Holberg

Tildelt: kr 34 000





2009 - 2009

During my research stay in Oslo I would like to focus on the literary output of Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754) a writer, philosopher and historian born in Bergen. As I am a classicist, I am especially interested in his works written in Latin. This significant person has not been a subject of scientific study in Poland so far. Therefore, if I had an opportunity to do a research in Oslo, I would publish the results in order to make them available to Polish scholars. My primary goal is to determine the influenc e of classical culture on Holberg's Latin works such as: Synopsis historiae universalis, Epistolae, Epigrammata. I will also try to describe their rhetorical aspects and find the references to the ancient authors. My second aim is to compare the achieveme nts of Holberg to the achievements of contemporary Polish Neolatin writers eg. Stanislaw Konarski (1700-1773), Józef Andrzej Zaluski (1702-1774), Józef Epifani Minasowicz (1718-1796).