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Social Policy in the Context of Risk Society

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In our age, post-industrial society is evaluated as risk society in the context of the phenomenon of risk that becomes one of the principal factors on societal foundation. The conception of Risk Society was put forward at first in 1986 by German sociologi st Ulrich Beck within his book Risikogesellschaft - Auf dem Weg in eine andere Moderne. A new study field arose for social sciences in terms of this new conception that is developed by Beck and Anthony Giddens within their individual or common studies. I n risk society, the variety, intensification and expansion of risks have been causing more different social needs than in industrial society. Thus social policy also has been undergoing a change. Besides this differentiation takes place simultaneously wit h weakening of welfare state because of the dissemination of liberal understanding in the context of globalization. Otherwise, especially in the age of global economic crisis, welfare state and national regulatory system get importance again. So it is use ful to model Norwegian welfare system that can be globalized.