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Phylogenetic microarrays: A new tool for biodiversity assessment.

Tildelt: kr 0,16 mill.

As part of an already running project "Phylogenetic microarrays and high-throughput sequencing: A new tool for biodiversity assessment in Northern Norway" (190265/S40), were we have proposed to improve the resolution of current environmental monitoring pr ograms (EMP), this application will focus on the development of the phylogenetic microarrays. The project will be part of the more general aim to develop and evaluate the potential of using genomic-era technology (Environomics). We envision that the propo sed approach to environmental sampling will set the standard for future monitoring programs yielding high frequency and spatial resolution data. Here, we propose to: 1. Development and evaluation of microarray technology for species detection for high th roughput biodiversity monitoring (phylochip). 2. Set standards for the coupling between traditional morphology based taxonomy and modern chip-based technology.