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Research Stay in Bergen

Tildelt: kr 70 000

My current research field is philosophy of art, with particular reference to classic expressivists (Tolstoy, Croce and Collingwood). I am attempting to defend the notion of expression of the classic expressivists by relating it to the Wittgensteinian one and to give a global elucidation of the concept of art by means of it. I am also interested in the works of A. C. Danto and S. Cavell. I am confident that from a research stay at the University of Bergen I can gain the knowledge necessary in order to ac complish my PhD dissertation. Indeed, the achievements in Wittgensteinian?s scholarship of the Bergen Department of Philosophy are widely acknowledged and I believe that under the supervision of experts in this topics I will be able to improve my understa nding of the notion of expression as it was developed in Wittgenstein later works. As a secondary goal I hope to get in touch with guest researchers or professors (like J. Conant e G. Hagberg) that will come in Bergen during my stay. As they are leading researchers in philosophy of art as well as notorious scholars of Cavell philosophy, I am sure that I will benefit from their lessons.