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Food consumption practices of children in Russia and Norway

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2009 - 2010

The aim of the project is to visit the National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO), and to realize 3 interlinked purposes: 1. To complete my PhD thesis, where access to literature and Norwegian researchers within relevant areas is crucial. PhD researc h project «Food consumption practices of children: children-adults interaction in family» is aimed to analyze food consumption practices of schoolchildren in modern Russia (with focus on food risks and health issues). Within the project structural determi nants of food practices of children, on the one hand, and child's agency, on the other hand, are to be studied. The data analysis will be done, several chapters of PhD thesis and article in English on PhD project's findings are to be written during the st ay at SIFO. 2. To participate in and contribute to SIFO's project 'Nordic YoungHealth: Possibilities and Barriers for new, healthy concepts in the fast food sector'. It is an international project aimed at studying personal, socio-economic and structural determinants influencing Nordic youths' food practices and preferences in the fast food sector. My participation in the YoungHealth project will focus primarily on data analyses and report writing. Together with project participants we plan to write a sci entific paper on how risk and health issues related to food are handled in families with children in the Nordic countries and in Russia. 3. To develop contacts and networks for future research collaboration. For future collaboration, I plan to make contac t with a wider set of people working on consumption among children, issues of food safety and trust, obesity governance, advertising, etc.: with SIFO researchers, YoungHealth project participants, and researchers of other organizations working in the rele vant areas. The possibilities of a joint Russian-Norwegian project on consumption studies will be explored.