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Ways of change - shifts in Norwegian ethnology and its lessons for Hungarian ethnologists

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2010 - 2010

In the present research I would like to focus on the changes of the Norwegian folkloristics and ethnology in the 1960s and in the last 15-20 years. The Hungarian ethnologists mention about the Norwegian and Scandinavian changes of ethnology as a successfu l process, in which the classic disciplines of nation-building found their new place and role in academic fields and social environment after a deep reform. During my research stay I would like to look over the challenges (both in science, social context and higher education) that influenced the new ways of ethnology and the changes that occurred in it, in order to find out how the traditional ethnographic fields have turned into cultural studies (Kulturvitenskap). During the renewal of the Hungarian ethn ography the Scandinavian changes have been seen as models for this process as the Scandinavian ethnology applied the new paradigms of anthropology in various fields like historical anthropology, economic anthropology, and ethnicity and so on, showing that even a culturally and socially embedded discipline can reinvent itself. In my research beside a general view of the changes (challenges and answers) I would focus on the following new topics that have emerged in the Hungarian ethnology too in the next 15 -20 years as a result of the cultural and social changes: Traditional topics in the new discipline Historical perspective and the new points of view offered by history Cultural heritage and the process of patrimonialization Tourism and ethnology ? the in vention of the rural and remote as a Skanzen. The aim of this project is to study the changes of ethnology and folkloristics at the University of Bergen, were these two disciplines - along with cultural heritage studies - merged into cultural studies. The second aim is to formulate some conclusions that can be used by Hungarian ethnologists, and to establish new academic cooperation between research communities facilitating further exchanges.