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An independent research carried out at The National Library of Norway

Tildelt: kr 39 999

The purpose of this research is to prepare a one term course "Scandinavian film II - Selected highlights" aimed at the students of the program Scandinavian studies at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (scheduled for Autumn 20 10). The main reason for going to conduct my research in Norway is the fact that out of the three film histories (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish) I am about to concentrate on, the Norwegian one is the least known in the Central European space and also the m ost difficult to gain information about outside Norway. Being based in Oslo, I would also like to undertake two short trips to the national Film Institute in Stockholm (Svenska Filminstitutet) and Copenhagen (Det Danske Filminstitut) to study documents r elated to Swedish (respectively Danish) film history. The aim of these two journeys is also purchasing DVDs and other materials related to the course topics. In addition to preparation of the mentioned course, I would also like to gain materials to be a ble to write a major article about Norwegian film, which would be then published in the specialized Czech film journal Iluminace (www.iluminace.cz).