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European Existentialism and Postmodernism

Tildelt: kr 58 000

The project emphasizes on a presentation of European Existentialism and its "clash" with Postmodern relativism. After the general description of the fundamental Existentialist concepts I will focus more on the relationship between Existentialism and Postm odernism. My target philosophers are Sartre, Heidegger and Kierkegaard and their Postmodern critics, Foucault and Derrida. My main argument will try to prove that Post-existentialism (a new concept, born from the aforementioned "clash") could prove an int eresting alternative to the Postmodern relativist and "weaker" subject. My point of view would consist in a interdisciplinary approach, considering not only Philosophy, but also literature (Camus, Kafka), theology (Tillich, Bultmann), Psychology (Laing, M ay), possibly the media also (especially the cinematic culture). I want to use an interdisciplinary approach because the Existentialist thesis was presented at large in many fields and also because I was trained in Transdisciplinarity with the founder of this movement, the esteemed Romanian-French professor Basarab Nicolescu. Existentialism provided an intellectual paradigm, which was very effective in the Fifties and I think I can prove could be important for the Postmodern Zeitgeist. Though it was repla ced after consecutive waves of structuralism and post-structuralism, it remained an essential contribution in fields like Theology and Psychology. I want to prove that it could be still relevant today through the criticism of the subject, the concept of a uthenticity and its primary concern with emotions. I would like to focus on research in Oslo but also want to attend classes like Edvard Munch (a forerunner of the Existentialist Angst), Epistemology, Philosophy of Action and History of Philosophy. I woul d have to opportunity to confront my philosophical hypotheses with Professor Hannay, a renowned Kierkegaard expert.