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The Euchologion of Jerusalem: An Introductory Study of Codex Sinai Greek NE MG 53

Tildelt: kr 25 000

The liturgical tradition of the first millenium Jerusalem Church is of utmost importance for any study of the history of Christian worship, in the East as well as in the West. The first scholarly investigations of this tradition appeared about a century a go, but a certain lack of Greek sources did not allow them to succeed. Only after publications in the second half of the 20th century of a number of Syriac, Armenian and, especially, Georgian manuscript sources of Jerusalem worship of the first millenium, a study of Jerusalem liturgical tradition has moved considerably further. But some components of this tradition still remain completely unstudied. The most important of these is the Jerusalem Euchologion, i. e. the priestly parts of the church services. Its content represents an independent tradition, completely different from that of the similar book of other Greek rites like that of Constantinople, the Empire capital. Among the new manuscript finds discovered in the St. Catherine's monastery on Sinai i n 1975 there is a Greek manuscript of the Jerusalem Euchologion - codex Sinai Greek NE MG 53 (8th-9th cent.). The purpose of this project is to accomplish an introductory study of this manuscript, including an analysis of its texts and a comparison of its contents with the Georgian translation of the Jerusalem Euchologion as well as with the later Greek non-Jerusalem Euchologia (mainly, those which demonstrate some Jerusalem influence).