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Rheological properties of lime based renders containing alternative silicate binders

Tildelt: kr 58 000




2009 - 2009


My work deals with newly designed plasters, which should have properties similar to original historical materials. During my stay, I would perform research of the rheology and adhesion properties of lime based renders containing alternative silicate binde rs. I´m testing several different types of innovative lime plasters for renovation of historical buildings. Each of them has special intention such as cement-lime plaster, metakaolin-lime plaster, maintaining plaster or hydrofibized plaster. For compariso n of their properties I use pure lime plaster. The rheological and flow properties of plasters and renders in general and of silicate binder in particular, are important because many factors such as ease of placement, consolidation, durability, and stren gth depend on the flow properties. This research stay should gives an overview of the flow properties of a fluid or a suspension, followed by a critical review of the most commonly used rheology tests and rheological properties of lime-based mixture. Char acteristic such as workability, consistency, viscosity and rheological parameters are provided. An overview of the most promising tests and mixture models for lime paste is given. The rheological properties of mortar are important for the construction in dustry because plaster is usually put into place in its plastic form. Unfortunately, due to the complex composition of the material, no defined method for predicting the flow of renders from its components exists. Even measurements of the rheological para meters are not easily performed due to the large range of particle sizes found in plasters(from 5?m puzzolana grains to 4 mm coarse aggregates as found in a dam). Beside of rheological research, which would by my main issue, I focus also on adhesive pro perties and calorimetry measurements of tested plaster´s mixture. Last but not least a part of my research involves newly designed plasters. I´m also testing suitability of new additions in lime-based plaster