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FRIBIO-Biologi og biomedisin

2010 meetings of SFRR and EEMS in Oslo

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The Society for Free Radical Research (Europe) and the European Environmental Mutagen Society independently decided to hold their annual meetings in Oslo, and asked Andrew Collins (University of Oslo) and Gunnar Brunborg (Norwegian Institute of Public Hea lth) to organise the meetings back-to-back. Since the societies have certain interests in common, we decided to hold a joint symposium, on DNA Repair, with several notable speakers. DNA repair is an area of biological research in which Norwegian teams hav e excelled, and so this is an excellent opportunity to 'showcase' some of the best of Norwegian science, to a wider audience of environmental and other scientists. The conferences will be held during the week of September 12 to 18, 2010, in the Oslo Congr ess Centre (Folkets hus). The objective of the Society for Free Radical Research (Europe; SFRR) is to advance education in free radical processes, for the benefit of the public. Free radicals are species that contain an unpaired electron, making them, in general, highly reactive and damaging to other molecules, with considerable industrial, biological and medical implications. In addition to their importance for industrial processes such as the formation of polymers, they play important roles in atmosphe ric and photochemical processes, and are involved in essential biological processes such as cell death, mutagenesis and tumour growth. The European Environmental Mutagen Society, EEMS, is organized and operated to encourage the study of mutagens and subst ances of related biological activity in the human environment, particularly those agents that may be of concern to public health. EEMS is engaged in and sponsor research and dissemination of relevant information. EEMS is a meeting place for scientists and students, from a wide area comprising experimental toxicology, molecular biology, DNA repair, epidemiology, exotoxicology and regulatory toxicology.


FRIBIO-Biologi og biomedisin