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How formalization closed the gender land gap in Peru and the impact on women's empowerment

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The Special Land Titling and Cadastre Project (PETT) in Peru has over the last decade issued titles for over 5.8 million agricultural plots, unique in the world when it comes to the extent and speed of the process. Fifty-six per cent of all plots belongin g to households with couples became jointly titled, something which represents a top-down, institutionally induced gender revolution since men were normally considered the owner under customary tenure. Our main aim is to investigate how joint titling has affected, and hopefully improved, the position of women when it concerns decision-making, both within the family and in their communities. Our research strategy is to apply both qualitative and quantitative methods. A household questionnaire survey on la nd use, perceived ownership, female bargaining and decision-making power, access to credit, etc., will be conducted in districts where both individually titled and nontitled communities co-exist. There is a historical explanation for PETT's exclusion of t he latter from individual titling, something which carries little impact on land tenure in practice, and they hence become the perfect control groups. The involved researchers, doctoral or master's degree students will conduct qualitative research intervi ews with the same households and other key informants both at the community and regional levels.


NORGLOBAL-Norge - Global partner