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Valuing Norwegian wool

Tildelt: kr 4,3 mill.

The project responds to the programme main goal; to increase sustainable value creation from value chains based on natural resources through knowledge production enhancing innovation, profitability and market sensitivity. Contrary to other rural industr ies such as food production and tourism, there has been no systematic research and development on the area of wool. As the focus on environment in the textile sector is rapidly increasing, and textiles with technical qualities are in demand, this is an op portune moment to explore the value creation potentials of Norwegian wool where both knowledge and strategic action is fragmented. In order to do that, we need to mobilise the whole value chain ? from farmers to consumers. The organisation of the research proposal is unique and links for the first time all vital elements in the value chain into a network of KMB partners. The KMB consortium comprises of first-hand sellers, manufacturing industry and retailers collaborating to increase the value potentials of Norwegian wool, a fibre with a broad area of applications. Our ambitions require a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach, that not only includes disciplines such as humanities, marketing and social sciences, but also textile engineering, fashion and design. This is reflected among our project partners, consisting of environmental organisations, textile boards, design schools and fashions institutes. Finally, our research and development ambitions require a cluster of activities and methods, ranging from conventional research methods and laboratory testing to designing and exhibitions. We believe that our proposal will decrease fragmentation and induce knowledge and research based concerted action for the value creation of wool. Duration of the proj ect is three years, and the research task is divided into eight major work packages.