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DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid

MSH: "Sick Stories". Attending seminars and visiting the medical humanities research groupe "Résistances" in Paris.

Tildelt: kr 10 000

The project "Sick stories" is a working title for a book on 12 major diseases/diagnosisis. I am studying several literary works (novels, plays, poems) that describes the experience with cancer, aids, heart diseaeses, lepra, hysteria, depression, tuberculo sis, syphilis, to mention a few well known diseases. The idea is to analyse the literary text, confront it with medical knowledge, and let the text open for reflections on the non-medical, literary and artistic imaginations and understandings of the pheno menon of illness. My academic interests and research during the last years has been in the field called "Medical humanities". I have been directing a research project at the University of Oslo, named "INFECTIO: the text, the pain and the sign", which wa s a cross-disiplinary project supported by the Research Council of Norway, and involving several Norwegian and foreign scholars. The research in medical humanities in France is prolific and productive, and now I have recieved a very kind invitation form dr. med/dr. ès lettres M. Gérard Danou at the Paris-Didérot University, to participate in the activities of the research group "Résistances" in Paris from November 22nd to December 6th, that is, for two weeks. A project description in Norwegian is inclu ded as attatchment to this application.


DIV-INT-Annet internasjonalt samarbeid