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PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum

Hole in One Producer Prototype

Tildelt: kr 12,5 mill.




2010 - 2018

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Et innovativt konsept for samtidig boring og komplettering av lange brønner er utviklet så langt at fullskala testing er utført ved Ullrigg Testsenter med godt resultat. Det ble først gjort fullskala testing av delsystemer og så av et integrert system der fire traktorenheter arbeidet sammen i par.

The Hole in One Producer is an innovative well construction device, providing extremely long and high capacity production wells. The HOP technology will enable connecting additional reserves to existing infrastructure in a cost efficient and environmental ly friendly way, and exploiting near coast oil and gas fields from onshore facilities. The HOP concept introduces a new way of constructing production wells. During drilling the annulus pressure is controlled by inflatable/deflatable packers, and the well is drilled to the final target with one hole diameter. The drilling operation is performed by a steerable drilling module. A dual wall casing replacing the drillstring allows for transport of drill cuttings to surface while the annulus is closed by packe rs. The dual wall casing does not rotate during the drilling process. Tools for well completion, including sand screens, sensors and control systems, are integrated in the dual wall casing. Also, a hydraulic traction system having traction for each 120 m is integrated in the casing. Well control is secured by annulus packers at the traction units. The basic concept has been patented in Norway and international patents for Great Britain, USA and Canada are close to being awarded. A traction system to meet the goal of drilling extremely long wells has been outlined, and a patent application has been filed. In the present project the goal is to develop a prototype containing the key elements of the new technology, perform verification testing of each element , and perform an integration test at Ullrigg. Six key technology elements have been identified, and are given priority in the project plan: Long lifetime packer, traction system, casing connection, drillbit, BHA retrieval, and control system. Hole in One Producer has been taken through the Forny programme and the verification project 182507/I10, New method for drilling and constructing wells for production of hydrocarons.

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PETROMAKS2-Stort program petroleum