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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

Extreme weather in small catchments: new method for flood protection

Tildelt: kr 4,7 mill.





2010 - 2014

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In this project we seek to quantify effects of up- and downstream measures in catchments to reduce negative effects of extreme weather. The work will include development of new measures, review existing measures, testing of these and incorporating them in existing runoff models to produce a land use planning tool available for stakeholders. The major objective of the ExFlood project is to define and analyze measures to combat negative impact of extreme weather events on infrastructure in small watershed a reas in Norway and to incorporate this in a land use planning tool. Urban, agriculture, nature, and forest areas and infrastructure elements demands different approaches concerning impacts of and opportunities for extreme weather events. The approach of t he ExFlood project is to reduce the peak flow and total water discharge to avoid damages on infrastructure. Three municipalities contribute to the project where the planning tool will be tested, and an experimental catchment site is selected to conduct in depth process studies. All land use elements are represented in this catchment; peri-urban, forest and agricultural areas. The activities in the ExFlood project are organized in 4 Work Packages. Biofrosk is the foreseen coordinator of the ExFlood project , and NVE, Statens Vegvesen and UMB are partners. An international advisory board is appointed, and will actively take part in work-shops and other collaboration activities. Total budget of the ExFlood project is 5890 kNOK, of which 4710 kNOK is seeked fo r through the NORLIMA program. Papers will be submitted to international reviewed and presentations will be given at relevant meetings within the identified stakeholder sectors.


KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima