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Air purification through combining a novel atmospheric pressure plasma with advanced nanocatalysts E! 5082

Tildelt: kr 1,3 mill.




2010 - 2012

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There is an urgent need for advanced air purification units to address the health problems resulting from the poor indoor air quality (IAQ) caused by hazardous airborne substances. Almost all workplaces are affected, particularly those in emerging high-v alue manufacturing sectors (electronics, pharmaceutical etc). PlasmAir aims to develop an advanced air purification module comprising the combination of a patented microwave atmospheric pressure plasma with state-of-the-art nanostructured catalysts in a reactor capable of completely destroying harmful chemicals and biological contaminants from air streams without producing any harmful by-products. This will represent a step-change in air treatment capability, and will add considerable economic and techn ical value to existing options, creating a substantially increased market share for air handling and purification companies. PlasmAir is a 2 year Applied R&D collaborative project between three innovative SMEs, which aims to develop novel catalysts for u se in air purifiers The catalysts will be based on porous ceramic materials coated with active catalysts produced by a novel sol-gel method. The surfaces will be prepared specifically for detoxification within a plasma-enhanced air purifier. The catalys t can also be regenerated with the plasma stream. Innovative versions of the sol-gel process will be developed to produce new nanostructured catalysts tailored for plasma activation in an air purification application. These will be coated on to specially modified substrates to be deployed in a novel reactor. The innovative plasma system to be developed in PlasmAir is unique in the way that it generates a diffuse stream of chemically reactive species tthat are normally achievable only by low pressure plas mas and yet does so without the expense, inconvenience, and low throughput of vacuum operation. The atmospheric operation and adaptability of the plasma gives it the potential to be further developed.