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Screening Mechanisms in Fifth Force Models

Tildelt: kr 33 999





2010 - 2010

In general, models that attempt to modify gravity by the introduction of a Fifth Force (Chameleon, f(R), DGP and other models) depend on a screening mechanism that prevents them from violating local experimental constraints, of which the Chameleon and the Vainshtein mechanisms are the main examples (although a recent paper suggested an interesting "Symmetron" mechanism). The principal aim of this research project is to gain insight on the details of these mechanisms as a way towards a better understanding of the limitations and possible generalizations of Fifth Force models. This exploration can also further help the comprehension of the interrelations between models sharing the same mechanism and of what differentiates them from one another. A subsequent aspect is to study the knowledge gained in the light of available and future data, so as to check whether one of these mechanisms is favored by different observational evidence, such as Local Gravity Constraints, Structure Growth, Weak Lensing and other. This work will be complemented by seminars aiming at sharing the progresses of the project and at introducing my research work to other members of the Institute.