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Studying Eco-Innovation with the TECHNOLIFE approach

Tildelt: kr 0,13 mill.

The questions we are aiming at answering during the PhD are : What political and economical future do citizens prefer in order to adress environmental challenges, and most of all why? How can we get them to share their narratives and communicate reflexive ly about their values? What conclusion can we draw for today governance, specifically in the context of ecological crisis? The two aspects we want to investigate are : the technological breakthrough, through eco-innovations, versus a lifestyle change, bas ed on sustainable and reflexive consumption, and, somehow, a top-down approach versus a bottom-up one. We are convinced these two aspects are linked in many ways, but we are interested in seeing how people relate them in their narratives. Our conceptual tools will be borrowed to Environmental Ethics, Ecological Economics, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. This project lies on the construction of a matrix including a set of scenarios and a set of issues that will be assessed by citizens through a web application initially developped for the European project Technolife, coordinated by the SVT in Bergen under the leadership of Roger Strand.