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E!5720 Green indoor growth factory for production of high value compounds through GMO plants.

Tildelt: kr 3,2 mill.





2010 - 2013

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The main partner Lumigreen AS, Norway, has since 1999 executed extensive research in development of novel production and growth systems for plants, based on the use of narrow bandwidth light. Since 2004 the R&D has focused on the use of LED as the light s ource in cooperation with Phillips Lumileds Ltd. Lumigreen has succeeded in development of both a computer controlled photosynthesis bioreactor for production of micro algae,(in use by company Promar AQUA AS), as well as its main product the: Lumigreen sy stem for growth of high quality sport grass. The aim of this project is to further develope the Lumigreen system for optimized and secure growth of plants used in molecular farming of PMP's (Plant-made-pharmaceutical.) Using narrow bandwidth LED's Lumig reen is able to designs tailored light spectrum combinations ranging from UVA light through the whole visible light spectrum to far red and infrared light. This technology allows for advanced photosynthetic control of plants aiming to speed up the growth process as well as increasing yield, or production of valuable substances. Lumigreen plan to target the light absorption spectrums of Chlorophyll A and B and especially the photoreceptive pigments Cryptochrome and Phytochrome which directly control the pr ocesses determining the processes of germination, stretch growth and especially seedling. The planned outcome will be a tailored LED based indoor growth system technology, as well as specific growth protocols for barley and novel knowledge of light spectr um based plant control. Plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs) are a class of GM crop intended for use as therapeutic drugs for humans or livestock, or as materials for research and indus