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FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

Completion of work with CESSDA PPP and the establishment of CESSDA ERIC

Tildelt: kr 0,50 mill.

CESSDA is an umbrella organisation for social science data archives across Europe, which was on the ESFRI Roadmap in 2006. The objective was to develop a most advantageous research infrastructure for the European research communities. CESSDA was granted f unding for a Preparatory Phase Project under FP7 with the pupose to demonstrate what benefits an upgrade of CESSDA will have for the research communities and for the society in general. Upgrading CESSDA to an ERIC with full legal capacity will give a con siderable better integration of the members' services and competence than today. CESSDA ERIC will be organized as a consortium coordinated by a central unit located in Norway and with Service Providers located in each of the participating countries. The re is established a steering committee for the establishment of CESSDA ERIC. The committee's main goal is to end CESSDA PPP by preparing an application to the European Commission. The steering committee is composed of members who have signed a MoU. Countr ies that have a clear intention to sign can be represented by observers. Each national partner has one vote. In addition, they can be followed by one expert each. The President of CESSDA and the European Commission participates in the meetings as observer s.


FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt