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EU7-STRA-Strålevern, EUs 7. rammeprog

Cooperation in education In Nuclear CHemistry

Tildelt: kr 1,6 mill.

The renaissance of nuclear power will require a significant increase of the numbers of the respective specialists, among others also nuclear chemists. Because the current situation in nuclear chemistry education and training in Europe is quite diverse, th e project aims at its coordination. The system developed should enable formation of a long-term Euratom Fission Training Scheme providing a common basis to the fragmented activities in this field and thus move the education and training in nuclear chemist ry to a qualitatively new level. The main target group will be not only the doctoral students and research workers, but also the students at the master level. Including these students into the system should increase attractiveness of the studies of nuclea r chemistry and thus enlarge the source of highly qualified professionals for the future employers. The envisaged consortium includes both academia and future employers, representatives of all the key players/countries in the field have been included. The EU experience will be faced with the Norwegian and Russian expertise; Think-tank activities will be organized for gathering the views as broad as possible. The experience gained by former EU 6th FP projects like EURAC, ENEN-II, ENETRAP etc will be direct ly applied, among others to design the common qualification criteria, the mutual recognition system, test running of relevant training and MSc course modules and in the development of a sustainable system of long-term financing of the scheme. The expected results of the project, with the broadest impact to students, teachers, industries, and research community, are a set of compact joint modular courses in different branches of modern nuclear chemistry, an electronic tool in the form of a virtual educatio nal platform available for both education and training and a long term sustainable strategy for the nuclear chemistry education including a roadmap for its implementation.


EU7-STRA-Strålevern, EUs 7. rammeprog