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Virtual architecture visions. An analysis of the role of visualization in the architectural design process

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2011 - 2013

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In this project the author will focus mainly on the use of visualization in the field of architectural competitions. The specific characteristic of architectural competitions in reference to imagery in architecture stands out due to the high demand of ela borate visualizations on a very early and hence less elaborated stage of the architectural design. Reviewing architectural visualizations in printed and digital media in an appropriate timeframe regarding changing and recurrent patterns of composition an d usage of signs should provide the basis for further orientation of the research.The result will be a listing of important carriers of meaning and composition patterns. The result regarding the effect of the specified patterns and carriers of meaning an d their impact on the impression and hence imagination of the viewer should be tested through interviews. With the help of an observation the influence of the visualization in the architectural design process as well as the meaning of the constituent as pects of the images for evoking architectural relevant decisions is reviewed. In close collaboration with AHO the process of visualization and the role for the design in student works should be observed and analysed.