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Non invasive imaging of cartilage and osteochondral defects using ultrasound

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2012 - 2012

The goal of this study is to confirm that osteochondral defects in the ankle and knee joint that are accessible with a conventional ultrasound transducer can be discriminated from healthy cartilage. In two hospitals St. Olavs Hospital (Trondheim, Norway) and the Academic Medical Centre (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), 58 patients who receive either a MRI- or CT scan because of ankle or knee joint problems will be recruited. Patients will be asked to fill out a clinical rating score and will be imaged with u ltrasound by two different physicians prior to their regular scan. 3D reconstruction of the ultrasound images will be compared with CT/MRI-data. The applicant will join the team in Trondheim January 1st thru March 31st 2012. She will receive training in ultrasound imaging, gain further knowledge of imaging and image guided surgery in musculoskeletal disorders common in orthopaedic practice, participate in the inclusion of participants for the study, data acquisition and registration of the images from di fferent modalities and create guidelines for the use of ultrasound in diagnostics and follow-up of OCDs in clinical practice. The proposed project would be a unique possibility for the applicant to extend her knowledge on ultrasound as a non invasive im aging modality. Also, it will provide the possibility to practice the necessary skills and gain knowledge of the study logistics that can be used when designing studies that will ensue from the current multi-centre study, as well as in future daily clinic al practice.