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Mucosal antibacterial proteins of cold water fish: Discovering molecules involved in disease resistance

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2011 - 2012

Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are protective molecules produced by all living organisms, and are present particularly at the epithelial surfaces of the host that are exposed to the external environment. They are key components of the innate immune system and fish rely on them for protection from pathogenic microbes. The study of these molecules in farmed fish is imperative for finding an alternative to the use of antibiotics for controlling diseases. In the proposed project, I intend to examine selected a ntimicrobial proteins including L-amino acid oxidase (LAO) in cold water fish, particularly Atlantic cod and Atlantic salmon. LAO is an enzyme found in a wide range of species, from microorganisms to humans. The host team in Norway (Aquatic Animal Health Research Group, University of Nordland) has adequate expertise in AMPs, and has been conducting research on piscidin. Therefore, if a scholarship is made available, I could acquire new knowledge in this field and contribute to the RCN funded research proj ect on Mucosal Immune System of Atlantic Cod at the host institution.