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Mitigating Cooperation-related Attacks in Mobile and Ad-hoc Networks (MCAIMAN)

Tildelt: kr 91 000






2012 - 2012

The purpose is scientific collaboration within infrastructure-less mobile networks, e.g. mobile ad hoc networks, mobile p2p networks, and vehicular networks. The objective of this project is to study in detail the cooperation mechanism and its potential r isks in securing mobile networks. The scope of studied questions will include cooperation-based schemes, attacks as a result of cooperation, and a robust consensus-based protocol to combat such kind of attacks. To the best of our knowledge, it is still an open issue to formally compile all drawbacks and threats whilst proposing countermeasures. Therefore, this project aims to give solution to two main outstanding issues regarding existing cooperation in mobile and ad hoc networks: (1) a comprehensive su rvey of the state-of-the-art on the encountered cooperation-based approaches and their flags is the first milestone for MCAIMAN, and (2) a new approach which globally embraces the encountered needs analysed in the survey to provide at least solution to on e of the inconveniences as a result of applying a consensus-based scheme. More specifically, the latter contribution will provide a novel scheme particularly suitable for ubiquitous computing environments where authenticity, non-repudiation, privacy prote ction, efficiency, and scalability are key requirements. A set of novel analytical and simulation models for the proposed protocols in mobile networks are supposed to be developed. The extension to social networks security will be also considered.