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Application to the E.ON personal mobility grant

Tildelt: kr 35 000





2011 - 2011

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I have always interested in the society around me, both politically and economical. That's why I three years ago decided to study Economics at the university of Oslo while at the same time been active in the political sphere of Norway. I'd like to go to Germany and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München for many reasons. the history of university, the knowledge of the university. I also find Munich a good place because of its financial hub. I'd also like to go to Germany for its important economy, and understand first-hand how it influence Germany, Europe and Norway. During my stay in Munich i want to focus on advance macroeconomics and the aspects a German macro oriented course has compared to the Norwegian. Where Norway is a small and Germany a bi g economy. Also important for me is to get some more business courses while i'm in Germany, as this isn't possible to get at University of Oslo. I think the intertwine between business and economics subjects are important. at least a want a course on e conomical history of ideas, with focus on Germany, because i find the German economical history interesting. When I'm in Germany I would also like to further learn politics, that is an important aspect of my life next to economics. I want to make bonds with CDU/CSU and JU. Finally I want to further strengthen my German, I find German just as important for my working career as my courses.