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Studies on naturally produced membrane vesicles from Acinetobacter spp. and their role in horizontal gene transfer

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2011 - 2012


The members of Acinetobacter genus which are gram negative and non-motile coccibacilli have emerged as multiresistant opportunistic pathogens and are major cause of nosocomial infections. Pathogenicity of Acinetobacter lies in its versa tile nutritional requirements, ability to survive on dry surfaces, natural genetic competence and ability to produce several virulence factors, which facilitates its colonization and infection causing potential. Most recently naturally produced outer memb rane vesicles (OMVs) have also been associated with the pathogenesis of Acinetobacter. This project will provide experimental evidence and insight into the active and frequent secretion of vesicles during microbial growth and the association of nucl eic acids with membrane vesicle. In addition, it includes the investigation about vesicle mediated horizontal gene transfer along with the significant role of OMVs in biofilms and planktonic population of Acinetobacter.