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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Advanced multi-fuel REformer for CHP-fuel CELL systems

Tildelt: kr 2,0 mill.


The REforCELL project aims at developing a high efficient m-CHP system based on: i) design, construction and testing of an advanced reformer for pure hydrogen production with optimization of all the components of the reformer (catalysts, membranes, heat m anagement, etc) and ii) the design and optimization of all the components for the connection of the membrane reformer to the fuel cell stack. Different technological issues need to be solved to improve the performance and reduce the cost of membrane reac tors for ATR reaction (MR-ATR). In particular, cheap and stable catalyst can be developed, membrane stability and flux can be optimized, the use of adequate reactor design will allow the decrease of external mass transfer limitations, which results in mor e efficient use of the high performance membranes. Coupling of the membrane reactor within a CHP system should be optimized and tested, and the reliability of the membrane reactor assessed. To reach these ambitious goals, the Consortium is built-up on th e expertises of 10 European organizations. In line with the SP1-JTI-FCH.2010.3.3 call expectations, these organizations can be categorized in different profiles offering complementary skills to achieve the REforCELL objectives: 3 Research institutes (TECN ALIA-INAS, CEA and SINTEF), 2 Universities (TU/e and POLIMI), 1 SME catalyst supplier (HYBRID), 1 SME hydrogen engineering (HYGEAR), 1 SME stack supplier (SOPRANO) and end user (ICI) and 1 SME for LCA studies (QUANTIS). SINTEF?s role in the current proje ct is related to the development and integration of membrane reformers. In this field, SINTEF has contributed significantly with their patented membrane fabrication technology. In order to overcome external gas phase limitations SINTEF will develop a nove l membrane module design in order to improve the membrane flux by overcoming external mass transfer limitations. In the project, SINTEF is leader for the work package on membrane development.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi