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HAVBRUK2-Stort program for havbruksforskning

Solving bottlenecks in triploid salmon production - a way to strengthen the sustainability of the salmon aquaculture industry

Tildelt: kr 1,7 mill.




2012 - 2016



The current project aims to study the termal preference and dietary demands of triploid Atlantic salmon. The results of the project will reveale if triploid salmon can be put to culture in regions with a moderat water temperature during the summer. If so, farming of triploid salmon may have the potential to be both sustainable and and profittable in these regions. In addtion, the project aims to get behind the mechanisms involved in the induction of skeletal deformities and cataracts and the reduced therm al tolerance of triploid Atlantic salmon. Finally, the project will study how triploid salmon are able to regulate their gene expressional out-put to a similar level as in diploids, and if triploidy induces any changes in the gene expressional machinery than can explain their changed temperature tolerance and nutritional demand. The project involves one PhD student that will focus on the combined effect of temperature and diet formulation on the development of skeletal deformities and cataracts in triplo id salmon, and the mechanisms behind these disorders.

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HAVBRUK2-Stort program for havbruksforskning