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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

NEXT-Drill: Numerical-EXperimental Technology platforms for cost effective deep hard rock Drilling

Tildelt: kr 16,0 mill.


The main objective of the present project is to develop a technology- and knowledge platform for the design of new and significantly more cost effective drilling tools and systems for deep geothermal wells in hard rock formations. The four research partn ers SINTEF, IRIS, NTNU and UiS behind the present application have formed an expert group for geothermal drilling and development ('EGBU'). The following second objectives have been defined as outcome of the proposal: -To survey and integrate basic R&D an d industrial technologies for the identification of technology roadmaps and infrastructure. - To establish test methods for characterization of the fundamental mechanisms of hard rock fracturing induced by dynamic bit?rock interactions. -To establish an experimentally validated numerical model for rock fracturing and tool/rock interaction studies, and to make it available for industrial exploitation. The project will allow gathering several gründer/technology companies in a joint venture to develop a te chnology platform of mutual importance. One PhD student and several MSc-students will be educated as part of the project will be involved in to strengthen the collaboration between the Norwegian players (research and corporate partners) and their link to international 'clusters' in France, Germany and Sweden.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi