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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

Climate Change and its Impacts on Selected Indian Hydrological Systems using Earth System and High-Resolution Modeling

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2012 - 2016

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Climate change, though global in nature, may affect regional scales in different ways. The severity of regional impacts is dependent on the awareness and preparedness of the country in concern. Due to its diversified socio-economic and climatic conditions , India is prominently vulnerable to the ensuing climate change and related impacts. The regulation and availability of water supply over the north-Indian region depends on both seasonal and perennial rivers. The glacial melt regions surrounding Himalayas are also prone to abrupt floods and riverine changes. These are, in turn, dependent on the monsoon variability there. Global climate change and its impact on regional monsoonal variability has been a focal concern in the past years. However, key gaps sti ll exist in the regional monsoon prediction with appropriate representation. An integrated assessment of climate change and its impact on water resources needs a hierarchical model configuration, which involves the representation of glob al and regional processes with reasonable accuracy for the present climate. These models could then be considered appropriate tools for future climate projections over a region. The present project aims to address an integrated climate modeling assessment involving Earth-system, regional-climate and hydrological models to address climate change and its impact on the hydrological cycle of surface water availability over India. The uniqueness of this multidisciplinary project is due to the gamut of particip ant institutions, and the state-of-art science put together for this proposal. There are five work packages: the first four contribute to the central themes on the assessment of global and regional climate models and monsoon variability for baseline and f uture RCP scenarios over the Indian region; the final work package (WP5) provides the hydrological estimation of water availability for selected water sheds over the North Indian region.

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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima