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SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell

Heterotopic hospitality. Spaces of Others

Tildelt: kr 0,17 mill.

HEROS will construct processes for an international and interdisciplinary process to open up for new perspectives on otherness, hospitality and citizenship. The issue of otherness has for many years been a central issue in much humanistic, philosophical and theological discourse. But so far one has only scarcely been able to develop this discourse in cooperation with social sciences and practice. HEROS will open such an opportunity by the construction of an international and interdisciplinary cooperatio n between researchers, leaders of voluntary organizations, users and some stakeholders. One theoretical inspiration comes from the Foucault coined notion of heterotopia (other rooms), but the discussion of the heterotopic will be developed with many othe r thinkers as well. Through such processes HEROS will establish a platform to discuss whether there are certain qualities in the hospitality of otherness, qualities that might also have impact for the society as a whole. The voluntary organizations parti cipating in the HEROS have a specific focus on undocumented (sanspapier) and women immigrants. By establishing the planned meeting places where users, researchers and practioners can meet HEROS aims at the critical constructing of interpreting the kind of hospitality that takes place in these practices. Neither traditional theology nor sociology of religion has so far grasped such qualities. HEROS is in this way an attempt to arrange meetings between persons not so often communicating so that a new discou rse on hospitality and, may be, citizenship, can emerge. The core research group cooperating in the HEROS have been working together for some years, publishing a book and establishing itself as a fruitful network. On the national level the impact from th is network has already been used for establishing master courses, conferences for professionals etc. HEROS will develop competence to increase the national networking in the field.


SAMKUL-Samfunnsutviklingens kulturell