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Norwegian Center for Taxation (NoCeT)

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In order to strengthen research and teaching on taxation and public finance, NHH will strengthen recruitment to this field of research. This will partly take place by qualifying new scholars, by offering new positions and by attracting the interest in the current staff of researchers. This is a work that to some extent already has started, where the collaboration with the Norwegian Tax Administration is of great importance. At present there are three PhD students in tax law, and follow up postdoc position s are planned to support further qualification of these researchers. One postdoc positions have been offered in economics, accounting and law, and one very promising international scholars has accepted and will start his work in 2012, and we plan to annou nce another postdoc position in the same area in 2013. Provided that CTPF is established as proposed PhD students will be encouraged to write their thesis on topics directly related to taxation and/or public economics, which should expand the number of Ph D students in the field. In addtion an open position at the Department of Economics will be assigned to public economics. The scientific competence at NHH is quite solid on a broad range of disciplines with fields of economics and business. Thus, the task should not solely be to recruit new scholars to fulfill the ambitions of CTPF, but to use CTPF to redirect the research interest among scholars at NHH to research on issues related to taxation. On this bacground CTPF wants to allocate as much as possible of the external funding as seed money to stimulate the research interst of the staff at NHH/SNF and to encourage international research cooperation with basis in the broad and competent staff at NHH. As for new courses that NHH intends to offer, there is one at the bachelor level ("Taxation of individuals and business entities"), two at the master level ("Public economics" and "Taxes and business strategy"), and a PhD course in public finance every second year depending on demand.