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Hydrogen and energy production through solid oxide reversible cells Mobile researcher: Gomez Gonzalez Sergio Yesid, Brazil

Tildelt: kr 0,17 mill.

Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are the most efficient (>60%) electrochemical devices yet invented for conversion of hydrogen directly into electrical power, without combustion and producing water as exhaust gas) [1]. Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells (SOEC) c orrespond to the reverse operation of SOFC. Steam is provided instead a fuel at the steam/fuel electrode with electricity to produce hydrogen. Fuel cells technology is considered the cleanest route to produce electricity and hydrogen for its non-greenhous e emission operation. In this project a study of the electrodes and their processing is proposed, laying a base for field testing through the development of steam/fuel and oxygen electrodes, with improved properties from the raw materials, processing and design. This study will be supported by measurements on the materials after and before processing (i.e. electrical conductivity, oxygen exchange, micro-structural analysis and mechanical properties).